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Property or Market Valuation

This is not a detailed Building Survey or Home Survey Level 2 but a valuation similar to one which a lending institution can require in order to establish the value of the property. The valuer will be looking for obvious defects in readily accessible areas of the property. He/she will only make recommendations about them, if he/she considers that they significantly affect the value of the property.

What is Checked

The Market Valuation will be based on no more than a visual inspection by a Qualified Surveyor. The amount of detail will be limited and may not go much further than a general description of the property.

Most large lenders now release a copy of the Valuation which has been carried out for their Mortgage purposes.

This report will normally give a general description of the property and the amenities e.g. is the property within easy reach of the town centre facilities. Some comments will be made on the current state of the building and the repairs recommended as a condition of the Mortgage will be listed. However, many buyers require a more detailed assessment of the condition of the property which can be provided in either a Home Survey Level 2 and Valuation or a Building or Structural Survey.

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