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When you buy a house you usually begin by looking at its good points. For instance, you might like it for its character, its location…., or you might even have fallen in love with the garden. But you need to be more hardheaded when you are making one of the greatest financial commitments of your life.

Valuation or Survey Report

It's usually only after an offer has been made that people start to worry about the state of the roof, the fences that may be about to fall down, or possible structural defects. And it’s not just older houses—new houses can have defects as well.

What you want to know is: what are the major problems? How urgently do they need to be solved? You can't rely on the vendor to point out any faults. It's up to you to discover them.

The answer is to have the property inspected by a Surveyor. The next question is "what kind of inspection do you need?"

What Kind of Inspection?

Deciding on what kind of inspection you need depends on a number of factors.

They include the type of property it is, its age, its general condition and how much you wish to spend. Essentially, there are three different kinds.

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