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Homebuyer Reports

These are one and the same thing and are prepared solely for your benefit and are far more comprehensive than a standard Property or Market Valuation.

They are designed for conventionally constructed (brick and slate/tile), newer properties, but if the property is an older property of varying type of construction, then you will require a Building or Structural Survey instead.

Set out in standard formats, Homebuyers Reports require the Surveyor to comment on the visible condition of the main elements of the structure at the time of inspection.

This will include the walls, roof, gutters/drain, pipes, joinery and decoration. The report provides a condition rating to each element of the structure on a traffic light basis from a condition rating of 1 to 3:

* 1 being satisfactory

* 2 being requiring non-urgent repairs

* 3 means the property requires urgent repairs

The aim is to provide the house buyer expert professional advice about the basic faults of a property and what it may be worth in the open market in a straightforward and easy to understand format.

The Homebuyers Report is much more detailed than a Market Valuation and will answer questions about the property including (but not limited to):

  • Roof - is it well built?
  • Gutters and drain pipes - are they defective? Are they due for replacement?
  • Joinery and decorations - is there evidence of woodworm? Will the outside paintwork need renewing?
  • Marketability - comments on present and future demand
  • Open market valuation - This will reflect local market conditions and any special factors

If you would like to book a Homebuyer Report or require more information about the type of survey you require or wish to speak to someone directly, please Contact Us today